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Brand Positioning


There is a joy, a freedom, that holidays in the open air give to us all. Time to reconnect to family and friends, nature, and ourselves. Campsited inspires open-air holiday by bringing together more campsites, more open-air activities, and more real life moments, all across the world in one bookable platform. 


Working closely with Campsited’s dedicated founder; Finan O’Donoghue and the Campsited Team, Credence got to the heart of the brand to develop powerful brand positioning. One which allows the brand to exist in a new open-air category and yet feel instantly emotive, familiar, and resonant with the zeitgeist of people’s yearning to return to life in nature.


A new brand look and feel was also needed and Credence became the link between the brand and the French design agency. Together, they crafted a vibrant, new brand identity capturing the sustainable, joyous and inspirational nature of open-air holidays.


Jude is absolutely brilliant to work with. Her creative flare and ability to bring a brand story to life in a very real and meaningful way is a joy to behold! On top of all of that talent, Jude is a really great person and a pleasure to deal with. I couldn’t recommend Jude enough.

Finan O'Donoghue

Founder, Campsited

Naming and Narrative


You know when you’ve got a name right? When the company founder starts loading up and paying up and securing the domain, on the spot.

Credence is good at reading into brands and companies and cultures, quickly and deeply.

How, by listening, mostly.

ShockVoyce was pure in their vision: pandemic, or no pandemic, they were fast and steadfast about giving their working teams around the world the autonomy to live and work from where they wanted.

Otonomee was born.

And the narrative and tone of voice and website, Credence created all flowed into its being.

The team at Otonomee were first introduced to Jude when we were undertaking a rebranding sprint. Jude was incredible to work with, she is a astutely talented. Jude listens intently and extracts commercial assessments and reframes them into creative, tangible and meaningful prose. Jude understood Otonomee’s journey and was able to distill what was important to us as individuals, as a team, as a Company. Jude matched our purpose, vision and mission with meaningful succinct descriptions and beautiful visuals. Working with Jude was uplifting and fulfilling, she is intuitive, responsive and delivers.

Hilary O'Shea

Co-Founder and Chief Corporate Officer at Otonomee, otonomee

Creative Direction

 Jude Goulet is a Creative Director who has lead creative teams in Young Euro RSCG, Havas, Credence and across many clients, brands and categories.

Grand Prix for Effectiveness, Epica, Sharks, RTE, Independent Newspapers, Outdoor, Radio,  Mobius, ADFX and ICAD awards stand as testament to her ability to craft award winning creative and effective campaigns from online to cinema.

For Maynooth University, Credence acted as Creative Director, working with KICK to create the Know no Bounds campaign that saw the university attract more recruits than ever before.



There is a beauty in words. Instinctively we lean in towards brands that talk to us, with us, and meet us in culture.

Websites can become conversations.

Radio commercials can lift us into imagination.

Tiny, little, online posts can articulate the moment and just shine.

Credence can find your brand’s voice.

It will tell its story.

Share playfulness, humanity, heart and creativity.

Once upon a now.